A large pierced bowl decorated with ocean life including squid, fish, manatee, weedy sea dragon with a submarine observing all. Hand thrown in my own blend of blue stoneware which fires to a classy white-flecked finish. The decoration is picked out in the same glossy white glaze as the interior of the bowl. Measures 230mm/9inches in diameter and 115mm/4.5inches. £50 – due to size and weight  I’d prefer this to be collected, but please do email me on rachel”AT” for more details if shipping is required



A perfect pasta bowl! Hand thrown in my unique blue clay and glazed in lilac and glossy forest green, honestly, these snaps don’t do the glazes justice. A sequence of sea creatures (including manatee, squid, sea-dragon, nautilus amongst others things) parade around the inner rim. Diameter measures 23cm/9inches. £25 (+£5 UK P+P).

A bowl I made to practise the sgraffito technique. This involves painting the clay with a coloured slip (a liquid clay, in this case – white) and then scratching through to reveal the buff clay beneath. I wanted to combine two of my favourite things – tortoises and saxophones and ended up with this little character who looks a lot like Kokopelli, Tortipelli perhaps?

The outside is decorated in my favourite pink glaze with drips of glossy green; measures 155mm/6inches x 60mm/2.5inches. £10 (+£5 UK shipping)

To purchase please email me on rachel”AT”