Mugs and espresso cups



Mugs are one of my favourite forms to make and for several years now I have been trying to identify the features which make the “perfect mug”. I work hard to make my mugs a good size – not too small or too large (otherwise the last mouthful will be cold) – to have a sensitively-shaped lip to give that perfect “mouthfeel” and a handle which is comfortable and feels stable and pleasing in the hand. All these mugs are hand thrown in a unique buff stoneware clay body of my own formulation. I enjoy the texture and “biscuit-y” finish of this clay when fired and like to leave unglazed areas which highlight the contrast of the bare body and the rich contrasting glazes.

Random punctuation mug in honey, grey and red glazes.

Form top left, clockwise: Solar system with Comet Neowise mug (pink and red glaze), cute slugs (honey and green glaze), coronavirus (pink glaze) and skulls (pink glaze).

All full size mugs cost £20 (+£5 for UK shipping)

A selection of old stock in earthenware: weedy sea dragon mugs, interiors glazed in aubergine and exterior in orange and glossy green.

Owl mugs! Everyone loves owls! Only two left of these, thrown in buff stoneware clay, one each in honey and floating blue. These smaller mugs are bargain priced at £15 + £5 P+P.


Espresso Cups

I set myself a lockdown technical challenge to make a matching set of small espresso cups, these were thrown in a dark red stoneware body (Potclays’ Keuper Red) and glazed in various of Pottery Gagliano‘s matt and glossy glazes (white, blue and pink matt; floating blue and grey glossy). Again, I have left significant areas of bare clay body which contrast beautifully with the coloured glazes. 

Floating blue glaze, interior detail.

Delicious pink glaze!

Individual espresso mugs – £7 each (+£3 UK shipping)
A pair of espresso mugs – £10 (+£5 UK shipping)

Please email me for commissions or larger orders.