Mrs Snooke’s Tortoise

“November 4th, 1784: Great meteor, Timothy out.”

“May 16th, 1786: Timothy begins to march about at 5 in the morning”

“May 9th, 1789: Timothy, contrary to his usual practice, lies out all day in the rain.”

“October 17th, 1782: The tortoise tilts one edge of his shell against the wall, so as to incline his back to the sun’s rays: by which contrivance he obtains more heat than if he lay in his natural position. And yet this poor reptile has never read, that angles inclining to the horizon receive more heat from the sun than any other elevation.”

“April 15th, 1780: Cucumbers swell. Tortoise sleeps on. Radishes are drawn.”

Hand thrown in a buff stoneware clay, these plates are food-safe and suitable for either display or the table. All measure around 23cm (9 inches), and will double-boxed and securely packed for safe shipping.

Each plate (inc UK shipping) £25
Please email me for European and worldwide shipping costs.


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 am a Sussex-based potter and fairly new to tortoise-keeping, having obtained two baby Herman’s tortoises in September 2019. A fellow potter, on hearing of my new enthusiasm for these adorable creatures, kindly gave me a copy of Sylvia Townsend Warner’s book “Portrait of a Tortoise” which consists of all the mentions of Timothy in Gilbert White’s journals. It is a slim book, but beautifully evocative of White’s love of natural history, the English countryside and of all the living creatures therein. The quotations illustrated on these plates are all taken from this book.